The Creeper Diaries Box Set



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Gerald Creeper Jr. is a self-proclaimed pacifist (which, by the way, has nothing to do with a pacifier), but he finds himself in the war zone when he starts his first year at Mob Middle School. At his new school, every monster in the Overworld is jockeying for power, and the skeletons seem to have it out for him. And that’s just the start of the school year. Join Gerald as he navigates the ups and downs of school from Day 1 through summer vacation!

The Creeper Diaries Box Set collects the following novels:

  • Mob School Survivor
  • Creeper’s Got Talent
  • New Creep at School
  • The Overworld Games
  • Creeper Family Vacation
  • Creepin’ Through the Snow

The Creeper Diaries is a laugh-out-loud funny, heavily illustrated, diary format series that follows the most misunderstood hostile mob in the Overworld. It’s not easy being green . . . or explosive!

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The Creeper Diaries

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